Welcome to “The Sourceathon”!!

    1) Look for a Placements coordinator from IIM Kozhikode who is also pursuing his MBA from the same institute to find his Mobile phone no. He worked for a short amount of time in Pune with one of the software firms as a Decision Analytics Associate.
    A PDF will ‘guide’ you to the right place.

    2) Find a person who was a Product Manager at a Mumbai-based Real Estate search portal an e-commerce company. An Alumnus from IIT in Delhi, he co-founded, one of the largest Online Education companies in India. Find his Twitter handle.

    3) With reference to Q2, there is an online education portal, which the person has co founded. On that portal, find the name of the 5 months duration course in Blockchain.

    4) Find out a list of people of a Non IIT workshop which has a list of a Lecturer from Annamalai University. On the same list there is a lady scientist. Find which Institute is she associated with her name contact details in the same document.

    5) Find a Junior Scientist in the field of Biotechnology. He has completed his education in Pune and had worked on a project on anti-venom in his college days.