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Satish Ganesh
RecruitEM. What is it?
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RecruitEM is a fantastic tool that makes it simple to build X-Ray Queries that target LinkedIn, Google+, Github, Xing, Twitter, stackoverflow. It was developed by the Clever Biscuit team based in London, UK 

How effectively to use RecruitEM : 

1: Go to RecruitEm’s site here (

2. Click to choose your network (Here, I made search in LinkedIn) 

3: Put the Job title you are looking out for, location, 

4: Click, “Find your people on LinkedIn.”

5: Click, “Open in Google.”

Recruitem searches public LinkedIn profiles on Google so you get more results.  Simply enter your search parameters and search!  

Why to use LinkedIn with RecruitEm : 

~ More than 100 Results
~ See out of network connections
~ Search by educational level
~ No registration and Completely free :)

Check out the screenshot:

Reprinted from The Recruiterstoday

Happy Sourcing !!!!