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Ashwani Paswan
Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Recruiters
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In a technology driven age, it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are switching over to modern methods of recruiting as compared to the traditional methods. The recent developments in Social Media have made recruiting efficient, cost effective and faster. It is only fair that more and more companies will use Social Media platforms to source candidates.

Hence, a recruiter needs all the help they can get to simplify the process of candidate selection. Social Media platforms help build communities and aggregate their vacancies. Hence measuring the effectiveness of Social Media proves to be a challenge, thus the need for tools to monitor these platforms becomes essential. In view of this we have listed out the “Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Recruiters”.


It is another popular monitoring tool that enables you to track and measure everything there is to know about you, your company, the company’s product or related topics. It also analyzes and measures social media influence. After pulling data from several popular Social Media platforms for comparisons it gives you accurate and real – time results.


It is commonly used by recruiters as it allows you to monitor your business and manage conversations with the help of its analytics tools. Let’s you publish and schedule updates across social channels with a single click. It helps you manage teams and large social connections and tasks easily. It also helps you grow your business and manage its presence across different Social Media including the tasks and assignments.


More and more recruiters are going in for this tool as it makes managing and analyzing your Twitter account easy and in an efficient manner that helps you track business conversations you have. It analyses your competitors and compares the company’s growth and performance twitter account with other accounts of similar age, size and industry including the campaigns conducted.  This tool is perfect to monitor your Twitter Account activity easily. Some similar examples are Twazzup and Twitalyzer.


As the name suggests it measures you or your competitors activity on Social Media platforms. This tool helps you determine if changes or improvements have to be made on your online presence and if your activity is enough.


It is a relatively new tool that lets you monitor several sources and that too in 42 different languages. It ensures that you don’t miss anything that will be published on social networks, blogs or even a webpage about your brand. An example or a similar tool to this is Netvibes; so you can even check it out if you think it is a better tool for you.

Even though tools like Hootsuite, Facebook Insights, Google Alerts and Google Analytics are popular Social Media Monitoring Tools, these are some others that can be just as effective. So pick the one that suites your needs best and improve your online presence with these easy to use Monitoring Tools.

Satish Ganesh
RecruitEM. What is it?
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RecruitEM is a fantastic tool that makes it simple to build X-Ray Queries that target LinkedIn, Google+, Github, Xing, Twitter, stackoverflow. It was developed by the Clever Biscuit team based in London, UK 

How effectively to use RecruitEM : 

1: Go to RecruitEm’s site here (http://recruitin.net/

2. Click to choose your network (Here, I made search in LinkedIn) 

3: Put the Job title you are looking out for, location, 

4: Click, “Find your people on LinkedIn.”

5: Click, “Open in Google.”

Recruitem searches public LinkedIn profiles on Google so you get more results.  Simply enter your search parameters and search!  

Why to use LinkedIn with RecruitEm : 

~ More than 100 Results
~ See out of network connections
~ Search by educational level
~ No registration and Completely free :)

Check out the screenshot:

Reprinted from The Recruiterstoday

Happy Sourcing !!!!