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Harshita Kumbhar
#TASCON15 – Social media – Twitter
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I want to start by saying that TASCON was a grand success. If you didn’t have the chance to attend it, you are at loss buddy. Anyways, block your calendar for it next year. I’m sure it’ll be tremendous. I didn’t get the opportunity to attend all the sessions as some of them were parallel to the others, but from the ones I did, I can happily say they were awesome. The speakers, the audience, the moderators, the topics- everything was perfect.

I’m a big social media fanatic. If money and delicious food wouldn’t be a necessity to survive, I’d be probably feeding on social media. You’ll find me hovering all over the internet for information. (Sorry to crush your joke, I’m not from IIN.) My laptop or should I say toughbook, is my partner for life. (Yes, I proudly own that thick rugged piece of awesomeness even when Windows 7 has ruined its experience for me.) Anyway, as a social media lover, I’ve learned to appreciate its beauty. There’s a lot more to discover, a lot more to share and a lot more to learn. No, I’m not the person who keeps posting everything on social media. I’m just somebody who has learned to use it effectively.

I’m sure you might have guessed by now as to where I’m heading with this. Well, let me get there then. I’m going to share something about my favourite session at the conference: Magic of 140 characters by Kunjal Kamdar.
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Nitesh Kumar
Connect with Connect6°!!
Hi All,

I came across this exciting tool which we can use in our daily sourcing life(I have already started).Let’s make this Wednesday a learning day :) Here you go!!

Connect6° is actually two services in one: PeopleDiscovery and PeopleSearch. PeopleDiscovery is a browser extension, currently available for Chrome, and PeopleSearch is a search engine to help you find business prospects and job candidates, based on keywords embedded within their social profiles.

Although some of us already using tools like 360 Degree and Vibe, which is almost similar to Connect6°. But Connect6° is much upgraded version with much more added functionality like asking for contact information which is great (still figuring out the outcome). This tool gives better result on Linkedin, Twitter and Gmail.

Download from Google Chrome Web store using below link

NOTE: After you download PeopleDiscovery, you may need to refresh your browser to activate the Connect6° hover beacons. Once activated you should see small six degree icons (6°) appear next to unique identifiers (e.g., Twitter handles, email addresses) on most web pages. Just hover over the icons and the person’s profile appears in a sidebar to the right of your screen.

We can also use their search engine using below link, by registering yourself .Boolean search will also work in this. That’s really nice.

It’s time to hover and discover. Feel free to reach out for more information.



Nitesh Kumar
Apps for Sourcers/Recruiters
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Hi All,

It’s time to get social, for that we need some easy tools afcourse .So here are some tools to get social with your candidates…

Some Google Chrome apps  that makes our sourcing life easier. It’s good to know your sourced profile, how/what they are doing on social media platform. We may try to connect with them. Who knows this little effort make your candidate interested. I have started using it. Although we have many apps available like Lippi, “Shanes Tools”, Connectifier (Which is not mentioned in this below link).Below link talks about “360social”, Vibe and “WhoWorks.At”

I would call these as new mode of connect with the candidates in a single platform.

I hope this will help us in some extent.All the best !!

Cheers and happy sourcing!!