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WhatsApp Group Chat- 25th March – Pune
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  • Manish Pipalwa had some insights, “The greatest contribution of technology towards recruitment are Real time communication,  Paperless process, Saves cost and time, Quick implementation of best practices, Easy reach to prospective candidates and many more.”
  • Masood gave his inputs, “While it has made life easier and made the system more effective. It may have taken the personal touch away.”
  • Nikita Agrawal shared her insights, “One of the boons of technology is Social media, and helps us to get in touch with passive candidates.”
  • Even Namrata Nandish commented, “Use of technology in developing Realistic Job Previews (RJP) has positive effect in – employer branding, reducing initial attrition, better Job & company culture understanding etc.”
  • Naga Chunduru had some pointes to add, “Before the technology used was not advanced and there was only Recruitment. But with the evolution of the Internet job portals and now social media had an effect. And an Era in talent acquisition, started called “Sourcing”. However now days we see most people misusing the words ‘Sourcer’ or ‘Sourcing’. The second most impact of technology towards recruitment is easy way of collaboration. Thus learning new techniques is easy. Quality improvement is possible. Thanks again Sourcing Adda for setting an example for professional Collaboration.”
  • Manish Pipalwa had some more insights to add, “The days are over when candidates dropping resume in companies. Even companies were maintaining a resume drop box. The days are over when candidates dropping resume in companies. Even companies were maintaining a resume drop box. The change in society culture also affects recruitment approach. Now society is virtually connected and more tech savvy. Virtual meet replacing personal meet”
  • Kunjal Kamdar had some pointers to add, “Tech has done more good. But from a candidate’s view point, we are not able to solve their basic and valid complain – Feedbacks. This is where candidate experience matters.”
  • Masood had pointers to add too, “Applicant tracking systems and outlooks have provided the means to track and respond. Why do we not respond? Social media is where I see the personal touch coming back. Phones are ideal Naga. The least that is expected is an email. Any connect is good. Indifference is a challenge.”
  • Some other inputs, “Feedback‬, Very few do it but not all‬”
  • Naga Chunduru had some inputs to add, “Agreed Kunjal. Masood personalized feedback especially through phone may be more good to increase candidate experience. Rather than system generated emails.”
  • Ankita Gupta had some interesting insights as well, “Positive impact of technology on Recruitment – Based on Candidate perspective here are the advantages, one stop shop for candidates in the form of job boards, They get an opportunity for personal branding via social media and thus there is a possibility to showcase their talent n land up a better job, They can track their candidature run time. For Recruiters – The world is our oyster now!, Geographies are no more a barrier for recruiting, Job postings are more economic and not to forget eco – friendly now (sans paper printing), ATS have made lives easier, Unlimited prospects to pass on the word via technology (flipside is difficult to control unwanted traffic at times), Employer branding, SOCIAL Media!, Speeds up the entire process of recruitment, Mobile recruiting, Easier to harness data and analyze it, Focussed hiring via online ‘talent communities’.”
  • In response to Yusuf Pathan question, “Is technology killing the creativity of recruiters? Kunjal Kamdar mentioned “Tech is for enabling us, not make us over dependent.”
  • Even Tatyasaheb Kolage had inputs, “Sometime we are too dependent on technology or automated tools!! Creativity is just part of skills!”
  • Some other inputs, “I think creative people will find out creative way of using technology.  Creative is matter of interest.  As long as one like I like my job nothing can kill my creative.‬”
  • Masood commented, “With the changes in Technology there is so much that one can do and in so little time creativity is a must.” “Apart from these aspects better parsing engines, tools that will read resumes beyond the keywords and also match profiles more accurately will be helpful. In the long run, the need for human resume screening should go away.”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan commented, “Chief, dream tools for a recruiter, I wish this could happen soon.”
  • Chinmay Chavan too had some comments, “More & more Automation in almost every aspects of recruitment.  I have a slight diff of Opinion with Masood Sir here.”
  • To which Masood tried to clarify his point, “Imagine if Google launches a people search tool that can cross reference social media, prepare a consolidated profile. Use user search patterns to build skill tags and understand job preferences.”
  • In return Chinmay Chavan commented, “Human screening won’t go away completely, but might be much easier than what it is now. A tool won’t be able to match the human capabilities of a recruiter to understand a job, Experience etc. It’s a great idea, but difficult to put it in a program. Some are trying it already! E.g. Entelo”
  • To which Masood commented, “Point taken Chinmay. Interviews are human interactions. CV screening is logic. I understand it is difficult but possible. For assessments- Old times we had assessment centres. Not sure if they are still there. Imagine virtual assessment centres with gamification which can give a compatibility score for a job. Level one Interviews will go out and hiring time reduced.”
  • Prateek Gautum commented on Madood’s inputs, “That is correct but if we follow that pattern the system will only give us a 9or10 or 10or10 candidate which is good but we will lose out on a candidate who might be an 8or10 or 7or10 who might click.”
  • Masood further added, “Agreed Prateek, the system should allow us to lower or raise the qualifying score. This should help in having enough pool to close requirements.”
  • Lopamudra had some insights, “The system probably could do few other stuff like personality, behavioural test too. This will be possible through gamification as mentioned by you. The possibility that technology can do is huge. Yes, it will require human touch but the major will be covered by them. Again measuring performance needs to be taken care of by human as against algorithm.”
  • Prateek Gautum added his views, “I may be wrong but Monster U.S. currently gives ratings to candidates on the basis of your search and keyword match; that I think might be an example of something which Masood sir was earlier referring to.”
  • Masood had a few comments, “Technology can give metrics. Interpretation has to be human, mostly.”
  • To which Lopamudra commented, “Prateek same is provided by e-financial too. Masood, connectifier is a paid account, do they have free access?”
  • To which Prateek Gautum mentioned, “It’s paid.”
  • Lopamudra further added, “In fact monster cb dice have created own database from 130 social networks sourcing profiles with contact details. They are selling it as add on to resume search.”
  • To which Masood commented, “For some reason couldn’t get an account created on connectifier.”
  • And Lopamudra commented, “Me too. You spoke to the sales guy he said it’s paid, 3 months trial use, 1000 used. Sorry I…”
  • To which Prateek Gautum, “Sir, it doesn’t allow you to ID your accessing from an Indian IP , but if your accessing from U.S. IP it works but only sometimes , not always.”
  • To which Masood mentioned, “That’s what I believe too. My company domains name is set to India. Not sure though.”
  • To which Prateek Gautum commented, “Correct, that’s the problem and now we have the solution, hope I helped. Google chrome extensions, amazing concept, again a gift of technology to us that made our headhunters and sourcer’s life, a lot easier.”
  • To which Prateek Gautum, “Recently, I was reading about one called “hola unblocker” which helps you unblock content regardless of where your physically located and access the content , might be helpful for us , so thought to share.”
  • Prateek Gautum had some inputs, “Might help’s searching in resumes when working for non-domestic requirements where international access is necessary. Ok sir.”
  • Lopamudra commented, “Thanks Prateek. I need one. How is mentor social talent?? Masood, Sarang, Anshuman, Do we have a tool to search candidates using company names?”
  • Masood mentioned, “Most search tools should have a way of searching with company name. What do you have in mind?”
  • Lopamudra commented, “Our research team is trying to target candidates through company names, skill wise and reporting authority. Since, LinkedIn has limited free search. We are trying to find options. I have already asked them to do an X-ray search in Google.”
  • Masood questioned, “US candidates?”
  • And Prateek Gautum suggested, “Use Chrome Extensions like WhoWorks.At, it’s free, helps you find people of target companies.”
  • Prateek Gautum suggested “Synechron.”
  • Kunjal Kamdar had some inputs to add, “It would be end of real hard core recruitment the day tech will select or reject resumes based on keywords.”
  • Lopamudra mentioned, “All, Any opening for part time in training on voice & non-voice process. Thanks Akkshey.”
  • Some other inputs, “Talking about automation, it would be like the 3rd eye in cricket.  It will take away the fun as umpire refers it for every lbw & run out.‬‬”
  • Naga Chunduru commented, “Covered most of it Ankita.”

In conclusion, I would like to say that, overall the Group Chat was a success and the conversations highlighted, are proof enough for it to be a success, as the inputs gathered were quite eye opening. So let’s continue to express our individual views and learn from each other’s perspectives, in the process. Hope to see you all at our next WhatsApp Group Chat!

WhatsApp Group Chat- 25th March – Mumbai
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  • Chetan Indap shared his views, “I believe Artificial Intelligence is going to be used a lot to automate subjectivity in recruitments. Demand for machine trainers (hence machine Learning will be a norm). Scary part is recruitment will be ruled by Mathematicians and programmers!”
WhatsApp Group Chat- 25th March – Hyderabad
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  • Achyut Menon enquired, “Let me try & rephrase… How is technology likely to impact recruiters? Are third party recruiters likely to become redundant? If clients and candidates can directly find each other, will there be room for intermediaries?”
  • Yusuf Pathan had some comments such as, “I do not see third party recruiters becoming redundant, the clients will have their own limitations in getting access to the entire pool of technologies available. So if you are a Corp recruiter or a 3rd party recruiter, it will depend on how corporates would like to strategise their recruitment function.” “Having said that, Indian recruitment is a number game and 3rd party companies is and always will be a part of a strategy for the corporates.”
  • To which Achyut Menon commented, “So those who use technology better, can be more relevant? Soon enough everyone will have access to most profiles online & the emphasis will go beyond clients rejecting submissions as ‘duplicates’? And people will start valuing the ability to get some prospect across the table’ for discussions.”
  • Prabhat Kumar Surabhi had some comments to add, “Where do you think 3rd party recruiters mostly relying on startups or mid – sized corporates to sustain?”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan commented, “It’s mixed, I have seen some companies only relying on start – ups, some on corporates and some on a particular industry etc. so the market is quite open.”
  • After which Achyut Menon mentioned, “The game will have to change from quantity to Quality, no sometime? So will technology be the driver?”
  • Wherein Yusuf Pathan mentioned, “your point is relevant but again technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.” “Technology will be the key, so let’s take today’s scenario, Mobile recruiting, Skype, Online databases, Forums, It’s a huge (big) data, Depends on people how you use it, and quality vors quantity, : It depends on the kind of requirements, we would still have the number game but technology will help us to achieve the numbers with quality, etc.”
  • Prabhat Kumar Surabhi had his inputs, “I guess the competition is making the quantity to win but, quality is the driver to get close the things, I think technology is helping a lot in recent years in that part”
  • Yusuf Pathan enquired, “What other changes do we expect in the coming daysoryears with respect to Technology?”
  • Chinmay Chavan had some points to add, “More & more Automation in almost every aspects of recruitment. Search engines doing a lot more than just screening profiles.”
WhatsApp Group Chat- 25th March – Delhi
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  • Amanpreet Sehgal had some inputs, “Technology has made a small world for us. We all are connected through various mediums.” Skype’s Video Chats has made recruitments across locations or countries quicker.” “Few years back, it was just job portals we were dependent on and only active candidates that are now on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook groups, WhatsApp Groups, quicker way of interacting.” In reply to Yusuf Pathan’s comment about, is technology killing the creativity of recruiters? His opinion was, “I have a different view here, and I feel technology has pushed creativity to a different level.”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan further enquired, “How?”
  • And Amanpreet Sehgal further stated and enquired, “Only mediocre will stop thinking beyond a certain point, a creative mind will keep working. Ok let me ask you, how has technology resulted in less creativity?”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan stated, “I think because we easily get everything, so we stop thinking out of the box, just a simple example – people are glued to job portals and Linked In, there’s a life beyond that.”
  • In reply to Yusuf Pathan’s statement, Amanpreet Sehgal said, “Ah, people are glued to it as long as they are benefiting out of it…the day stop getting what they are looking for, they will start looking for creative ideas to get candidates or stop working.‬”
  • Replying to Amanpreet Sehgal comment, Yusuf Pathan questioned, “So we are limiting ourselves to certain tools and technologies, could this be a negative impact we have because of technology?”
  • Sandeep had lots of other inputs to add such as, “I think it has its advantages and disadvantages. While it opens door to multiple avenues to go about a search, it at times may limit its application depending upon the results one draws out of one tool. Leaving out others! Knowledge and application of right mix of channels and tech tools is definitely a rare skillset.” “But if that is there, technology definitely has a positive effect and impact.” “Technology which comprises of phone, mobile or the internet have all, enabled recruiters to reach more and more candidates, within a short span. Earlier the demand was less since the technology utilised was old, so one could survive using old methods of recruiting strategies. But with growing technology, the demand has increased, which has led to increase in usage of technology to meet ever growing demands.”
  • Chinmay Chavan also had some inputs to add, “with the help of phones, mobiles and the internet, Recruiters can reach candidates who are based anywhere on this planet. One can also source them from just anywhere.”
  • Yusuf Pathan further enquired, “What other changes do we expect in the coming days or years with respect to Technology?”
  • Ruchi had a few comments about the same, “We can expect HR Tech playing a role in Data Analytics for Recruiting, Which key talent segment to attract, what are the numbers for different talent segments, how many we are able to hire, on – board, retain. Analytics will play a huge role for HR decision making.”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan commented, “Yes, Analytics is going to play an important role and we should get more and more analytical tools. Yes, I’ve heard about brassring, a good ATS and I’ve even worked on it in my previous organisation.”
  • To which Ruchi commented, “IBM Kenexa will be game changer for Recruiting in coming days or months.”
  • Yusuf Pathan, Ruchi, Anindita Samajpati and Sandeep all agreed, “Both Brassring and IBM Kenexa are good tools for creating candidates database, recording or analyzing requisitions.”
  • To which Ruchi mentioned to Medhavi, “In India these tools were launched last year only.  So in coming years, you will hear more about them and can experience demo at SHRM conference this year.”
WhatsApp Group Chat- 25th March – Chennai
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  • Satish Ganesh put his views across about the same, “Technology has impacted the way in which recruiting is happening. However, there should be Human Touch involved. Gamification in recruiting will be more in coming days. Many companies would adapt to it soon”
  • Yusuf Pathan had some comments, “What other changes do we expect in the coming days or years with respect to Technology?”
  • Chinmay Chavan had a few thoughts, “More & more Automation in almost every aspects of recruitment. Search engines doing a lot more than just screening profiles.” He also mentioned, “Not all the work. But will make the job of scraping through the entire Internet a bit easier.”
  • Harish had some views, “In Today’s world who updates his technology he will be the successful person who will get the project easily. The Update must be user friendly, and then only he can survive. But without human work search engines don’t collect data. What I want to say is that the search engines data is also collected by humans. So there is no point in search engines doing most of the work.‬ but that has some loss as well, it accepts all the fake resumes and fake requirements blindly‬. Technology is changing rapidly and currently the problem is not because of lack of data, but the main problem being  not knowing what to infer from the data that is pouring in from various streams.‬ The Problem being of plenty.”
How technology has impacted recruiting in today’s world?
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The Recruitment Industry is constantly evolving and has moved onto a higher level to accommodate the recent trend that is followed where Talent Acquisition professionals now use online and mobile recruiting methods for various reasons. Of which I’m sure you’re aware of by now, being as you are a Recruiter or Sourcer yourself.

In view of this evolving trend and to get more Recruiting and Sourcing professionals to interact; we at Sourcing Adda have taken the initiative to create multiple WhatsApp Group Chats. These groups have been created, with the objective to facilitate Learning & Networking among Talent Acquisition & Sourcing professionals. We have successfully created such Group Chats for 6 leading cities across India namely WhatsApp Group Chat – Pune, WhatsApp Group Chat – Mumbai, WhatsApp Group Chat – Delhi, WhatsApp Group Chat – Chennai, Bangalore and WhatsApp Group Chat – Hydrabad and we hope to create more such groups at a Pan India level in the near future.

During these chats we will be discussing about a topic. The topic choice is based on the suggestions given by members hence they are all encouraged to suggest one. The topic will be chosen based on a majority vote and that topic will be taken up for discussion at our next group chat.

The Group Chat discussions that were held recently focused on, “How technology has impacted recruiting in today’s world?” and here’s what Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Professionals like yourself had to say…

WhatsApp Group Chat – Bangalore

  • Anitha G had lots of inputs such as, “Fast recruitment is possible only because of technology. In older days receiving, applications itself was a time consuming process. But with Social Media, you can conduct a BGV at the initial stage itself and applicants too can conduct verification themselves in the same manner. She also mentioned that Mobile and Internet are the best channels that have taken recruitment to the next stage. Moreover, advertising, reaching the targeted audience, Headhunting and Mapping is easy. Apart from this it’s possible to close a position within a day due to technology. Even location is not a constraint these days, since we can fly him down or connect with him through Skype or video conferencing, Gmail, Fb, video calling across the globe. ”
  • Praveen Kothapalli said, “Passive sourcing has become easy”
  • Mitchell Coffer added, “Today’s technology world Reach has become 1000 times easier as one can connect with people across the globe!!”
  • Navanita Collabera had interesting insights, “Technology has helped Recruiters a lot. Senior candidates with busy schedules can be grabbed by technology, for instance WhatsApp or Viber.”
  • Chinmay Chavan mentioned, “Technology isn’t just something everyone is using to get work done and to stay connected. It’s also impacting how employers recruit great talent and how great talent finds the right employer. The biggest ways technology has impacted recruiting through Social Media Recruiting, Applicant Tracking Systems, Mobile Recruiting, Job boards and Career pages, Email Communication and much more!”
  • Yusuf Pathan enquired, “Is technology killing the creativity of recruiters?” and said, “Life is so easy with the help of technology, that people stop thinking beyond a certain point”
  • To this Mitchell Coffer added, “To use technology also one needs to be creative to know how to attract and source or network and communicate!!”
  • Yusuf Pathan had further comments, “Agreed but is that the normal trend in the industry now? What’s your experience, how creative are today’s recruiters?”
  • To this Mitchell Coffer mentioned, “It isn’t a normal trend but recruiters really need to pick up fast to reach there. How creative, what percentage, that’s a question. Recruiters need to spend time in learning different ways to efficiently use technology and their creativity, to explore and move to the next level. For E.g. a large percentage of recruiters still use only LinkedIn but there is much more than that.”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan mentioned, “Yes, but because we are getting everything easily we stop thinking out of the box, so is there a way technology can help us think beyond the obvious?”
  • Even Nisha Green Pepper had interesting insights such as, “Leverage technology for recruiting but don’t forget that in the end picking the phone and talking to a candidate to understand finer details is critical. We can make snap judgments based on his social media profiles but a Recruiter’s edge is when he gets first – hand information and technology compliments that.”
  • To which Navanita Collabera mentioned, “That’s really a valid point because talking to a candidate helps us to understand more about his skills, communication etc. but saying that technology also plays a vital role in connecting to these candidates via various sources of social media same only helps.”
  • Yusuf Pathan mentioned, “Somehow we are losing the human touch because of over dependency on Technology.” He also highlighted, “Employer Branding would be the next big thing, but how would technology play a role in EB?”
  • To which Nisha Green Pepper had great inputs to add like, “Companies should take conscious efforts towards their employer branding. It’s becoming more of a candidates market especially in niche high demand skill sets. Candidates too are checking prospective employer’s social media presence. A best example at Employer branding is Glass door. Again technology can be used to present the company as an employer of choice. I am emphasizing on the online presence of a company when I refer to technology. It’s as simple as a good responsive website with relevant content, clarity in the products or services it offers, high quality videos if possible slightly informal and updated blog or FB page which gives a glimpse of the company culture which could be team trip photos, celebrations etc. Moreover, EB is especially critical for start-ups or early growth stage companies.”
  • Sri mentioned, “Technology complements, it can never replace. By The Way”
  • Chinmay Chavan mentioned, “More & more Automation in almost every aspect of recruitment. Search engines doing a lot more than just screening profiles.”
  • Yusuf Pathan further mentioned, “But apart from Employer Branding, there’s a long list of other tools or technologies which would make a Recruiter’s life easy like Data Analytics.” He questioned, “Which key talent segment to attract, what are the numbers for different talent segments, how many we are able to hire, on – board, retain. Analytics will play a huge role in HR decision making, even screening assessment tools.” He had some further comments, “Yes, a lot of such tools would be available. There are tools available in the market but haven’t tested any tools yet… anyone from the group know of such data analytical tools?”
  • Nisha Green Pepper had some comments, “Yes, I heard recently that there are analytics which analyzes browsing patterns of employee’s n inform how many are looking out for change. Data analytics especially in HR space; I think, is in the very nascent stage largely due to intangible factors, Would be happy to know or learn of any tested and proven tools in this space.”
Jasmine Joseph
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A start-up About.me seems like the latest promising thing in the domain of web hosting service. What makes it steal a march on others is the simple navigating format. The site allows registered users a platform to link multiple online identities, relevant external sites and popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube through an eye-catching one page user-profile.

About.me provides an easy solution for users wanting to present a consolidated online identity of them and with its recent addition of a new search interface, which is simple and requires no advanced knowledge of Boolean search; it has become a great search tool to look up people and things. For instance, users can type in anything ranging from a hobby, name of a place, thing, organization or person into the search box, hit enter and voila! Variables can also be added or subtracted to streamline search results to arrive at a more desirable set of results.

The simple search mechanism and the increasing number of users registered makes it the next best thing for recruiting agents. From scouring for people in unconventional fields like photography, modeling, interior design, etcetera to getting a clearer idea about the tastes and personality of a candidate zeroed in through the overall picture of him on About.me –makes a recruiting agents’ task a lot easier.

Getting desired results, however, could be a tricky issue. Users must make it a point to search all variations of each search separately to ensure they see everyone. For instance, when searching for a specific place, About.me fails to consolidate profiles that use different syntax for the same location.

So now that you know the drill, what’s stopping you? Want to look up Web Designers in Pune; a drummer working with a band; an aspiring model for a new line of products or an Anglo-Indian nurse for a super-specialty hospital? Just type in the key words and use different variations to find the right candidate. About.me hardly fails