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Nitesh Kumar
Let’s meet with Meetup!!
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Searching through Job-boards and LinkedIn! Bored? Let’s talk about some hidden facts and new tool to find candidates.I guess you people heard about Hidden Linkedin profiles? No, okay I will tell you what it is:

Sometimes you may experience that some profiles on LinkedIn comes which you never saw even after searching title wise. Well I have experienced so many times and have many examples with me.

You can experience the same through a Search site ”” : This is the site where you can find or create any groups related to any skills, from there you can look for  members on any particular group.

So for example – this is just one of the NYC groups related to the UX community >>>

Click on “all members” and you will see 192 – it can be time consuming cross referencing the names, but it’s worth it to me if I find two or three solid candidates

I agreed on the fact that this is bit time consuming but believe me it’s worth to try once.

Jasmine Joseph
Fun While Sourcing
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Are you one of those hard-charging talent hunters constantly on the prowl for suitable candidates? Do you spend every waking hour mining resumes on your laptop? Well, if so, you are clearly overlooking the fun side of the process and making your job rather mundane and tiring.Recruitment is about people. It’s about interaction. What better opportunity than to make use of it to add some zing to your work?Find new ways to track your candidates apart from the usual CV sourcing through job portals and profile sourcing through LinkedIn. Instead, try using your social skills. Attend more parties to forge new connections and find apt candidates rather than sit on your desk and strain your eyes or better still, throw a party yourself or organize an event inviting active and passive job searchers. Build a rapport with the attendees to not just learn about their qualifications and experience, but also to gain insight into their personalities, soft skills, areas of interest and other preferred jobs and positions.

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