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Nitesh Kumar
Lippl- An exciting tool!!
Hello Everyone,

I hope every one heard about Lippl,If not then please see webinar given by my friend Sandeep Singh on Sourcing Adda ( This will surely help us in finding our 3rd degree/Out of network connection names on Linkedin (Those who don’t have premium accounts)

One more feature from Lippl can help us drastically when it comes to finding email address(Especially for Facebook) and contacting them.I know we had debate around the Privacy of Facebook users.

As my earlier blog i have shared with you all that we can email any Facebook users on their personal email id directly.Please check this link how we can do that (

Lippl gives you exact email address(for any Facebook Users),using that email address you can email candidate. (Outlook doesn’t works,please use Gmail for best results).The mail will be sent on their personal address which they have used in creating their Facebook profile.

So don’t worry we are not sending email on their Facebook Inbox…We are going an extra mile to reach out candidates.Sending mail directly to their personal email address.


Let me know if you have any question!



(Twiiter: @niteshnishu)

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