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Harshita Kumbhar
#TASCON15 – Social media – Twitter
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I want to start by saying that TASCON was a grand success. If you didn’t have the chance to attend it, you are at loss buddy. Anyways, block your calendar for it next year. I’m sure it’ll be tremendous. I didn’t get the opportunity to attend all the sessions as some of them were parallel to the others, but from the ones I did, I can happily say they were awesome. The speakers, the audience, the moderators, the topics- everything was perfect.

I’m a big social media fanatic. If money and delicious food wouldn’t be a necessity to survive, I’d be probably feeding on social media. You’ll find me hovering all over the internet for information. (Sorry to crush your joke, I’m not from IIN.) My laptop or should I say toughbook, is my partner for life. (Yes, I proudly own that thick rugged piece of awesomeness even when Windows 7 has ruined its experience for me.) Anyway, as a social media lover, I’ve learned to appreciate its beauty. There’s a lot more to discover, a lot more to share and a lot more to learn. No, I’m not the person who keeps posting everything on social media. I’m just somebody who has learned to use it effectively.

I’m sure you might have guessed by now as to where I’m heading with this. Well, let me get there then. I’m going to share something about my favourite session at the conference: Magic of 140 characters by Kunjal Kamdar.
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Upendar Ramini
Use of speed in Recruitment


Use of speed in Recruiting

Hiring managers always love to see quick response from Recruiters

You will be treated as preferred one


You will be considered as serious player in the game


Helps you to avoid duplicate candidates


You can use the data effectively


Can negotiate rate with candidate better


Candidates feel better experience with you because of the speed


You will understand the process better


You develop good knowledge and marketing trends


Improves your decision making abilities


Develop multitask abilities


You analyze multiple things in a short period and come up with solutions


You will become more innovative


Your hit rate and Quality improves


You are always active and do things with enthusiasm


Your work gives confidence to internal and external partners


Helps you to face competition better from the crowd


You will become champion

Semantic Search: A Recruiter’s guide
The idea of Semantic search is not new in the world of data base and search engines but it’s only recently the Job Boards and Recruitment Software companies have started to build tools for candidate search Powered by Semantic Search.
Now the question is what Semantic Search is and what is the use of it in context to Sourcing and Recruitment?Semantic search is most often used to describe searching beyond the literal lexical (exact word for word) match and into the meaning of words and phrases at the conceptual and contextual level, and sentences at the grammatical level.When sourcing candidates, semantic search can be achieved at the conceptual level when a search for a specific term (e.g., Java) also yields matches on related terms (e.g., J2EE, EJB, servlets, etc). – words that are related conceptually.
The power of Semantic Search becomes clear when you imagine trying to fill a position for a Programmer working on mobile phone games, using the OpenGL programming language. The likelihood of a Sourcer knowing which keywords to search with to find all likely candidates is extremely unlikely. However, with Semantic Search, it is unnecessary for the sourcer to know which keywords to search on, because the search engine automatically finds the words needed, making the recruiter a subject area expert on every search s/he does.
Semantic Search for Recruiting: Benefits:Semantic search solutions for sourcing candidates can provide many benefits, including:Reducing the time to find relevant matchesLessening or eliminating the need for recruiters to have deep and specialized knowledge within an industry or skill setReducing and even eliminating time spent on initial researchThe ability to go beyond literal, identical lexical matchingLeveling the playing field for those with less sourcing experience or abilityWorking well for organizations with a high volume of unchanging hiring needsMonster has built a Semantic Search based solution for Recruitment and Sourcing, it’s called 6Sense.Monster’s 6Sense semantic search technology enables employers to find the best candidates significantly quicker by analyzing resumes as a hiring manager would.
Through Power Resume Search, resumes are read and skills evaluated to provide understanding of an individual’s experience in seconds instead of hours. Semantic search technology goes far beyond traditional keyword search, saving time and increasing productivity, allowing recruiters to see relevant resumes in less time creating unprecedented hiring efficiency by providing faster access to better qualified candidates.
Nitesh Kumar
Free Google Chrome Tool: Email Extractor!!

Powerful Extension To Extract E-Mail ID’s Automatically From Web Pages. It simply tells us if the page I am on has any email addresses on it and then finds them for us

This tool works on any page in any social network. It’s also possible to export the results to a text file or cut and paste them.

Just add this exciting tool from Google Chrome Extension wizard..

Email Extractor:

For Demo:

Happy Sourcing!!

Nitesh :)

Jasmine Joseph
Quora – Get Answers Tailor-made
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So when you have a query on anything, what do you normally do? In the current century, simply comb the net to find the answer.  But with the net being gutted with information, it can be a challenging task sometimes to find the exact answer. To help you out, many websites have mushroomed where you could ask a question and have a tailor-made answer. One such website, that has steadily grown popular, is Quora. Founded by two former Facebook employees, one of whom resigned to give shape to Quora, the website was thrown open to public in mid-2010.

Questions can range from anything and everything under the sun from those in a particular domain to subjective or even trivial ones.  From queries on places, gadgets, books, travel, weather, history, current affairs, religion, start-ups, exams, universities to taboo topics and even bizarre ones, one can seek an answer in any field on Quora. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users’ answers. Quora’s community of users boasts of the likes of Barrack Obama, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and musician Michael Buble. In fact, many of the questions posted on the website have hogged the limelight by dint of being quirky, profound or extremely relevant.

Quora’s registered users have grown in numbers over the years. Its website design was overhauled to make it easier to navigate for users. Quora released an official iPhone app and an official Android app on 2011 and 2012, respectively. It has also developed a platform for blogs.

The website can be accessed either by registering oneself or through Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. Then one has the choice to browse through questions, reviews and blogs, answer questions and vote on the best answers, blog posts and reviews. Users can upvote or downvote answers, they can also suggest edits to existing answers provided by other users. One unique feature is the credits that Quora users can bag by providing quality answers, among others things. With a minimum amount of credits they are entitled to seek answers from experts in a domain.

The website has maximum users in Silicon Valley, with US accounting for 25.2% users followed by India at 25%. The site is a big draw for techies and entrepreneurs. Indian entrepreneurs, especially, have found the platform particularly useful for answers to their various needs and to get noticed by Silicon Valley giants.

Given its features, Quora has become a popular platform for sourcing and recruitment agents. With X-Ray search & advanced Google techniques one can also find suitable profiles. They can easily spot experts in a particular domain through the platform, which automatically places the highest qualified persons at the top. One can pose a question in a particular domain and easily find out the most competent answers to zero in on suitable candidates.

Satish Ganesh
RecruitEM. What is it?
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RecruitEM is a fantastic tool that makes it simple to build X-Ray Queries that target LinkedIn, Google+, Github, Xing, Twitter, stackoverflow. It was developed by the Clever Biscuit team based in London, UK 

How effectively to use RecruitEM : 

1: Go to RecruitEm’s site here (

2. Click to choose your network (Here, I made search in LinkedIn) 

3: Put the Job title you are looking out for, location, 

4: Click, “Find your people on LinkedIn.”

5: Click, “Open in Google.”

Recruitem searches public LinkedIn profiles on Google so you get more results.  Simply enter your search parameters and search!  

Why to use LinkedIn with RecruitEm : 

~ More than 100 Results
~ See out of network connections
~ Search by educational level
~ No registration and Completely free :)

Check out the screenshot:

Reprinted from The Recruiterstoday

Happy Sourcing !!!!

kunwar Singh
Talent Pipeline