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Upendar Ramini
How to find contract resources?

It’s touch task to identify resources for contract assignments. Here i would like to share some of my thoughts.

People who have done higher studies and returned from abroad

People who returned from abroad after working for some time. They possess good domain experience.

People have taken break for Family reasons – pregnancy, raising kids etc. In just matter of time.. they will come back and do well on the job.

Failed Entrepreneurs – Can create win-win situation for these folks.

Freshers – This is great pool. Identify folks who got trained on skills. Can be useful for short term projects.

People who have taken break for personal reasons- accidents, loss of death in the family. It will be a good opportunity for them.

Bench folks – Corporates builds 15-20% work force of bench folks.

Build a good database of training Institutes – skill based. Can be useful for short term projects

Effective use of online Blogs and Job Postings -Social Media

People passionate about field – they do not mind as long as it is a good opportunity.

Of course .. Job Portals is good source of contract resources.

I value your views too.

Upendar Ramini
Use of speed in Recruitment


Use of speed in Recruiting

Hiring managers always love to see quick response from Recruiters

You will be treated as preferred one


You will be considered as serious player in the game


Helps you to avoid duplicate candidates


You can use the data effectively


Can negotiate rate with candidate better


Candidates feel better experience with you because of the speed


You will understand the process better


You develop good knowledge and marketing trends


Improves your decision making abilities


Develop multitask abilities


You analyze multiple things in a short period and come up with solutions


You will become more innovative


Your hit rate and Quality improves


You are always active and do things with enthusiasm


Your work gives confidence to internal and external partners


Helps you to face competition better from the crowd


You will become champion