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Social Media Monitoring – Why is it essential?

We live in a world that is dominated by technology. The advancement in technology has resulted in almost every one being active on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. This development makes one wonder whether Social Media Monitoring is essential. If this question has crossed your mind then you are on the right track.
Well then let’s answer the question, “Social Media Monitoring – Why is it essential?” Mind you if you think that this isn’t for you.  If you’re a recruiter, a sourcer or trying your hand at company branding, then this is for you.

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Jasmine Joseph
Ways to Build an Online Presence

You’ve heard this once, you’ve heard this a thousand times but are you wondering why, well that’s not the first, I’ve heard of. Most individuals share this same thought, isn’t that a relief. You’re not the only one. Besides you can never have enough of information that will come handy.
In an age when internet is used in almost every aspect of life, it’s only natural that recruiting too will be done via social networking sites. If you are of the opinion that you have a better chance of getting employed with the traditional method then you are mistaken. Although it is effective it isn’t as effective as social media.
Therefore here are some “Ways to Build an Online Presence” that will help you achieve results faster. So let’s begin with the basics and then explore other ways in the process. In view of this, one question comes to the fore… any guesses, yet?

What is meant by an Online Presence?
An online presence is defined as the sum of all the identities you’ve created (either personal or business driven) and the interaction these identities have established and participated in collectively online.  This online presence is one with a broad reach and if it is built successfully it assists you in spreading your brand awareness, helps gain fans, followers, leads, customers, clients and anything else that your business requires to step up its performance. After this the obvious question is….

How to Build an Online Presence
Are you confused or are having a tough time on setting up your online presence? Are you troubled and are actually having a difficult time in deciding where and how to begin? Well it will be a relief to know that you are not the only one out there.  Lots of people and new entrepreneurs are troubled by the same questions as you.  And why not, there’s a lot that goes in to building ones online presence and that is to a great extent dependent on what you’d like to achieve with an online presence. To give you a boost, here’s something that you might want to decide first…

  • Figure out what your goals are
  • Know how to build your website
  • Decide where you’d want to create an online presence
  • Ensure that it is the right social media platform
  • Create different profiles and accounts
  • Find out the best ways to maximise your interactions to keep the audience engaged
  • Monitor all the activity on various platforms of your online presence

And lots more to do, now doesn’t this sound overwhelming? So let’s ease the process a little bit. So let’s begin in the same order as mentioned earlier.

Create and form Strategies
When we talk about developing strategies we mean streamlining and creating goals that are clearly stated and easily understood by all the people in question. Ensure that you have both short – term and long – term goals, most importantly be sure to form realistic goals else you’ll be running a goose chase and wondering what is actually going wrong. Now, you don’t want that do you?

Track and Trace you’re Progress
Make sure you jot these goals down and refer to them on regular bases and ensure that you are using the right tools to monitor the progress. If you aren’t aware already then, let me tell you. There are several monitoring tools that are available online to analyse the progress of your appearance on various social media channels.

Have a Solid Platform Base
I bet you’re wondering, what we are talking about when we mention a solid platform base. Put simply, the website should be engaging and the design should be up to the current standard if you are to attract any kind of attention towards your website. Besides make sure that the information given is up dated timely. Nobody wants outdated information that can do no one any good, you can be sure of that.
However these are but only a few pointers that have been discussed there are lots more that need to be considered before you build an online presence, so to know more about them stay tuned and we’ll be introducing some more that we have realised. If you have thought of any then you be sure to let us know by mentioning them in the comments sections and we’ll be happy to add them to our list in our next post.

Jasmine Joseph
A Career’s Tab has been added to Facebook’s Page – By Naukri.com

Many brands have realised the potential of Facebook and are leveraging on the viral marketing power that Facebook has to offer. As a result most employers and recruiters are switching over to social media to catch those hard to get candidates that almost everyone in the recruiting industry is seeking out. Same goes for job portals like Naukri.com whose objective is to seek out these perfect candidates for the job, as a way to assist employers in their hiring process and it has to its credit; of being India’s number one job site.

In order to assist recruiters like them and to simplify the sourcing process they’ve come up with a concept that might prove to be a solution to most problems faced by professionals like them therefore, “A Career’s Tab has been added to Facebook’s Page – by Naukri.com” but if you wish to get a clearer idea, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the various aspects that come into play for it to be a success. So let’s find out more about these aspects…

What is a Career’s Tab?
It is a section that can be added in to Facebook’s Page as “Careers” where recruiters can all join in together and post job specs; having features as unlimited jobs, responses for a year that will be available. This particular feature has been launched starting January 2015 that comes with specifically laid out needs, so let’s move on…
Need for a Career’s Tab
I bet by now you’re wondering what these needs are, so why not wait and find out just what these are and what they involve…

  • Reach maximum candidates on Facebook
  • Create a better candidate experience
  • Simplify the browsing and search of jobs effectively
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Browse within Facebook
  • Have a short “Apply” process
  • Promote job ads to fans
  • Post all the jobs in the careers tab
  • Share at the most 1 – 2 job specs on a daily bases on the page along with the marketing content
  • By linking them it can be shared between and amongst friends and friends of friends
  • Streamline the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Responses to be managed by Naukri.com’s ATS
  • Have the Naukri.com integrated into the “Career Tab”
  • Avoid the dependency on an IT Team

Naukri Integrated into the Career Tab
This is an important feature that it is essential that you understand exactly how this feature works that is if one wishes to benefit from it. So here’s how it works –

  • Job specs can be posted on both platforms Naukri.com and on the Company’s Facebook  Page
  • Manage all of the responses you get together by using the source as a distinguishing cluster
  • It’s a paid feature with interesting discounts

There you have it a clear picture about this latest development and its various benefits. I hope that it has been just as informative to you as it has been for me. This new development for the year 2015 comes with interesting discounts so hurry up and get your firm listed today!

If you have any pointers that I’ve missed out on do mention them in our comments sections and we’ll be glad to add it into our next post. In the meantime, here’s a thought for you to ponder about, “Do you have any ideas that can boost the recruiting process or let us know which method do you, use to achieve your targets?”

Jasmine Joseph
Best Practices on how candidates should approach Head-hunters?

A common practice within the recruiting field is that of headhunting. It’s not a popular technique for various reasons but is an effective one. If you’re wondering whether you can get in touch with them or if you are of the opinion that they aren’t approachable then you’re mistaken.  And if you are wondering how to approach head – hunters then you are on the right track.

For those of you, who aren’t familiar with this form of sourcing candidates, let me introduce the same.  These individuals usually get in touch with potential candidates via visiting them at their current work place or meeting at their favourite restaurant and also via making cold calls. I know this doesn’t sound professional but you’d be surprised with the success that they have had so far. Therefore, here are some, “Best Practices on how Candidates should approach Head – hunters?

Know when to ask questions and what kind
What you need to know about head-hunting is that there is a difference between the first and second contact and conversations. If you need to approach them you need to be aware of this. So your questions should be suitable.

First line of contact
If it is the first contact then here are some examples of the kind of questions they are likely to answer such as –

  • You can ask the head-hunter the Name and company for which they are working for
  • Other details like the date, address, phone number or email address for further contact can be asked
  • You can also ask them for a brief description of the vacant position
  • Questions regarding more details about the job location are also welcomed

Second line of Connection
Since it is the second time you will be contacting them or meeting them then that too has certain questions that you are likely to get answers for. More specific questions regarding the details of the company and the requirements of the client etc. can be addressed such as –

  • The Company size, revenue, industry focus, current economic situation, etc. to name a few
  • Information on the department with the position such as the leadership span, control and hierarchies
  • What are the current processes involved
  • Who are the Reporting lines or heads
  • Was there a predecessor or is this a new role?
  • How the training phase is designed?
  • What are the expected challenges in the role?
  • If there are specific Professional skills and soft skills that are required and if they can be developed

Know which questions to avoid
If you’re a candidate then this is specifically for you. Refrain from asking questions like –

  • “How did you get my phone number?”
  • Avoid condescending behaviour as far as possible
  • Don’t only be interested in on salary
  • Don’t pretend to be interested in a wrong position

These are but only few precautions one needs to take before approaching head-hunters, especially if one wishes to get their questions answered and that too with a peaceful mind. So the next time you meet a head – hunter, be sure to remember these simple yet important aspects and get your questions answered and build strong relations.

Jasmine Joseph
How to use Blogs for Recruiting?
Recruiters haven’t used Blogs as extensively as Social media like ‘LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for scouting talented individuals. This is because they are either not aware or sure of its effectiveness as a tool for recruiting, even though Blogging has been around for quite a while. So let’s address its effectiveness through this discussion.
In order to get the maximum use out of blogs and to ensure its effectiveness, it is important for Sourcers to understand the various benefits that Blogs offer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
I’m sure that we are all aware of this concept as it isn’t a new concept, especially for Bloggers. Put simply it ensures that the Blog comes on the first page when a Google search is conducted and ranks in the top first few links. For blogs SEO is a must.  I can’t stress on this point enough.
Employee Blogs
Blogs written by employees can assist the company’s branding, as it showcases the skills and knowledge of the individuals working with the company. Thus giving potential candidates a preview in to what work the company is into and what they can expect to learn at that company. This might even highlight the profiles that might be of interest to them.
Company Blogs
Blogs written about the kind of work the company is involved in and its achievements can improve its branding, especially if written with a positive note. In addition to this, positive comments by its present and previous employees can give substance to the company’s branding. It highlights important aspects such as its work ethics, corporate culture and the kind of people that work with them which might not come by easily on a general note.
Awareness Generated  
Both Company and employee blogs apart from serving the company’s branding also generate awareness about the company over a large scale, as most individuals are connected with several others via the internet and at social gatherings. An employee who has a positive perspective about the company they work for, can convey their views and experiences through online and of line social networking. In fact blogs about the company and its employees can have comments; that too can enhance the awareness and branding of the company.
Blogs on Events
If the company has conducted any events, workshops in the past or currently, it is absolutely essential that the website as well as the various social media that it is a part of; to highlight these aspects. And the best way to do this is simply by blogging. As this too generates awareness and improves the company’s branding. This enhances the chances of the company becoming common knowledge to the masses hence, more people become aware of the company.
If the company focuses on all of these aspects discussed, chances are that not only will it improve the companies branding it will also promote a positive attitude towards the company and its potential candidates. Thus it improves the chances of more job seekers willing to work at a company that they are well aware of and one that has received positive reviews nonetheless.

Jasmine Joseph
Quora – Get Answers Tailor-made
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So when you have a query on anything, what do you normally do? In the current century, simply comb the net to find the answer.  But with the net being gutted with information, it can be a challenging task sometimes to find the exact answer. To help you out, many websites have mushroomed where you could ask a question and have a tailor-made answer. One such website, that has steadily grown popular, is Quora. Founded by two former Facebook employees, one of whom resigned to give shape to Quora, the website was thrown open to public in mid-2010.

Questions can range from anything and everything under the sun from those in a particular domain to subjective or even trivial ones.  From queries on places, gadgets, books, travel, weather, history, current affairs, religion, start-ups, exams, universities to taboo topics and even bizarre ones, one can seek an answer in any field on Quora. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users’ answers. Quora’s community of users boasts of the likes of Barrack Obama, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and musician Michael Buble. In fact, many of the questions posted on the website have hogged the limelight by dint of being quirky, profound or extremely relevant.

Quora’s registered users have grown in numbers over the years. Its website design was overhauled to make it easier to navigate for users. Quora released an official iPhone app and an official Android app on 2011 and 2012, respectively. It has also developed a platform for blogs.

The website can be accessed either by registering oneself or through Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. Then one has the choice to browse through questions, reviews and blogs, answer questions and vote on the best answers, blog posts and reviews. Users can upvote or downvote answers, they can also suggest edits to existing answers provided by other users. One unique feature is the credits that Quora users can bag by providing quality answers, among others things. With a minimum amount of credits they are entitled to seek answers from experts in a domain.

The website has maximum users in Silicon Valley, with US accounting for 25.2% users followed by India at 25%. The site is a big draw for techies and entrepreneurs. Indian entrepreneurs, especially, have found the platform particularly useful for answers to their various needs and to get noticed by Silicon Valley giants.

Given its features, Quora has become a popular platform for sourcing and recruitment agents. With X-Ray search & advanced Google techniques one can also find suitable profiles. They can easily spot experts in a particular domain through the platform, which automatically places the highest qualified persons at the top. One can pose a question in a particular domain and easily find out the most competent answers to zero in on suitable candidates.

Jasmine Joseph
Basics of Boolean for Recruiters
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Any recruiter in order to track suitable candidates needs to understand the very basics of Boolean. Besides Google, many other sites accept Boolean. These include LinkedIn and Monster.

There are five elements of syntax – AND, OR, NOT, ( ), “ ” – that anyone needs to understand right at the start for building a Boolean search.

AND” is the simplest to use that returns results having both the keywords. For instance if you type in “consultant AND analyst” it would give results that contain both the words “consultant” and “analyst”.

Next in line is “OR” that gives a more expanded search result, including one or more of the stated words.  For instance the search phrase “hairdresser OR stylist OR beautician” will return results having any of the words.

NOT” helps in excluding certain closely related words that otherwise will keep popping up in search results. For instance “writer NOT underwriter” will help give results, excluding the word “underwriter”.

For a particular phrase in a certain order “Quotation Marks” come in handy. The words senior manager may not return results for the phrase senior manager but those having the words separately. The quotation mark becomes useful here. “senior manager” typed that way with the quotation marks gives results containing only the exact phrase.

For more complex Boolean searches these basics are used in various combinations besides brackets and truncations symbols like “ , *.

Jasmine Joseph
Recruitment – Out of Love

The unpleasant truth is recruitment is perceived by most as a job and not a career. With formal training in the field almost unheard of, people simply embark on it because they couldn’t make it elsewhere. But that perception, for sure, is changing slowly and steadily. With recruitment firms mushrooming, proliferating and then gradually overtaking the biggies in the domain, many are now warming up to the idea of making a career out of it.

Recruitment agents mostly begin as trainee and are usually provided with on-the-job training and mentoring in the first few months. Like sales, the job is target driven. One’s progress depends mostly on attaining and surpassing targets that have been set. The set hierarchy sees one advance to the position of a senior consultant and then to that of a manager. Remember, recruitment is an indispensable part of every business operation.

Another big misconception is regarding the money. Compensation can be rewarding actually, if you are able to deliver. This is one area that has been able to escape the repercussions of recession reasonable well. An adept sourcing agent by following the right process and successfully making placements stands to receive monetary benefits. In fact, start-ups can spring a surprise in this direction, by rewarding you adequately every time you hit the bulls eye, cause their success is directly dependent on your performance.

Again, the domain of recruitment is highly competitive. And competition is not just with your peers in your company, but with others in different companies. Its people oriented and so having a good personality besides a solid grasp of the search process goes a long way in attaining success.

Besides, a big draw is the fact that it’s an interactive process in which one gets to meet and talk to a lot of people. So, one thing for sure, it would never get dull and drab like most other desk jobs after a certain point in time. You can steadily build a network using your social skills.

So, the next time you think of giving the career path a miss, think again. There are examples galore of HR personnel taking the helm by becoming CEOs and Managing Directors of companies.

Jasmine Joseph
Needlehunt Spells Potential
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Needlehunt, a free beta product, is a new offering in the domain of candidate sourcing. Accessed through Facebook login id and password, for verification of identity, the site helps compare “the overall and work-related sentiments of their publicly available posts to determine if this person would be more open to a new opportunity.”

Once the keywords are entered in the search button clicked upon, it throws up a list of people matching the criteria. It extracts all publicly available information from all their profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Meetup, LinkedIn and even YouTube and WordPress for your perusal. From present to past positions, to qualifications and skills, it presents all the information in a consolidated and succinct manner. Besides exact matches, it also lists near matches. For instance, if you are looking for Copy Editors, it would also bring in profiles of Copy Writers, Editors and Sub Editors as well.

It even rates the general and professional activities using a colorful scale. Depending on the frequency of public posts, it rates one as Somewhat Unhappy, Neutral, Somewhat Happy and Very Happy.

Needlehunt also provides details of the search technique to be used for the convenience of users – the symbols to be used to get desired results. For instance space and the plus sign (+) yield the same results. So “Assistant Director Tele-serials Mumbai” would shortlist the same names as “Assistant+Director+Tele-serials+Mumbai.”

Needlehunt, is still in a very nascent stage and there is a lot of room for further sophistication.  Users can pour in suggestions to help improve services of the site. The site has been developed by the creators of ReferralFeed, another platform meant to aid job hunters and potential employers.

Jasmine Joseph
The Social Network – Not Just a Handy Tool for Recruiters, But Candidates Too
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Now that looking up candidate profiles on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, has become an established and accepted practice, how one crafts one’s image on these platforms has come to hold a lot of significance.

While LinkedIn pretty much was created with an aim to aid professionals connect with colleagues and industry people, Facebook was meant to connect with friends, acquaintances and family and Twitter to voice ones succinct opinions. But the last two have, along with LinkedIn, emerged as humungous pool of talent with time. An active recruiter would not just look at ones LinkedIn profile but his Facebook and Twitter profiles too. In the scenario, users on the lookout for the jobs should be extra judicious while using these sites.

The most important thing is the write up on “about me.” While a thorough professional description is fine on LinkedIn, treading a delicate line between professional and personal is what does the trick mostly on Facebook and Twitter. These are sites headhunters frequent to catch a glimpse of the personal side of a potential candidate, cause not just the qualifications and experience, the personality and interests of a candidate matters too, especially when it comes to filling a senior position. So be extra careful about how you build up your image. While an interesting, somewhat funny but not tacky, short paragraph on your interests and nature on Facebook will immediately set your apart from the rest, a similar bio in 140 words on micro-blogging site Twitter, with a brief mention of your work will make you more noticeable. For instance a financial analyst’s bio on twitter reads thus, “Pubbing, playing (any outdoor game for that matter) and painting when not number crunching at office. An investment banker, I love anything that spells ART, FUN and ADVENTURE.”

One must also carefully fill up the information, on Facebook specially, rather carefully. While adding one’s favorite movies, songs or books, adding pictures of oneself and of others and writing public posts, one must be extra cautious. It is through these details that one’s personality comes to the fore. Same goes with Twitter. Do not tweet politically incorrect things, especially when it comes to politically and socially sensitive issues. You might want to keep in mind this: “Do not post or put up anything you might not want your parents to read.”

All in all, the social media is a great platform to build a proper image of you. So write right stuff and post appropriate things.