You can enter the competition either as a lone wolf or a wolf-pack. There is always advantage an advantage to enter as a team as recruiting is a team-game.

As a participant, you will go through 2 levels of recruiting & sourcing challenges to move ahead in the game. The first level will test your sourcing skills to find the hidden information as a great recruiter always hunts the best! The second level will test your strategic recruiting skills to show that you have what it is capable to sit on


Every team can have minimum 2 to maximum 5 members. One company can enter multiple teams based on this criterion. The team leaderboard will be based on the average of all the clan members scores. Although, we want you to play as a team player, but you know the difference between playing fair and playing foul. If we spot any irregularity, the management team reserves a right to disqualify the clan.

The single mode leaderboard will be based on individual scores. One person can only enter through one entry. There is lot to win, for you and for your clan. Watch out for more detailed timelines around registration & competition levels.

Amazing opportunity to make your company proud and be one of the best recruiters in India. What are you waiting for? Sharpen your swords, find your houses and be ready to ride

“The RecruitThrone”!!

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